Maintenance Request

Virginia Union University provides various services related to university facility maintenance, construction and renovation, planning and design, office space management, campus beautification and sustainability. A request can be submitted for the following non-emergency maintenance requests but not limited to: 

Non-emergency maintenance 

  • Pest control 
  • Non-emergency malfunctioning elevator (e.g., a button is not working properly) 
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Facility upkeep (e.g., carpentry, electrical, painting, and roofing)
  • Light bulb replacement 
  • Clogged sinks, shower, or toilet, 

Work Order Link – SchoolDude (MySchoolBuilding)

To Submit a Maintenance Request, use the following link to access the work order system called SchoolDude:


SchoolDude Website:


VUU's School Dude Login Information:

Account Number:  808732160

Organization’s Submittal Password:  VirginiaUnion   
                                                                                            (case sensitive)

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