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The Virginia Union University Weather Station, managed by physicist Dr. Francis Mensah, is a set of instruments and sensors on the roof of the Ellison Hall building.  It is composed of an onset Wind Speed smart sensor to measure wind speed in in/s or in m/s, a HOBO S-WDA Wind Direction Smart Sensor for wind direction measurement, a HOBO S-BPB-CM50 Barometric Pressure Smart Sensor which measures the actual atmospheric pressure. In addition to all these devices, VUU weather station can measure the real time solar radiation using the HOBO Silicon Pyranometer Sensor, an onset rain gauge smart sensor for rainfall measurement, a temperature/RH smart sensor to measure temperature and relative humidity, and a powerful HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station Data Logger needed for recording and retrieving data from the other devices and for remote Communications.  All of the data and the respective graphs can be accessed with the link above.