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Ride A Long Program Original post: Wed 1/18/2017 at 10:56 AM

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Please compete this form in a Microsoft Word Format. Remember to proofread your work before you turn it in to me.

1. Who was the officer you were with?

2. How long was the ride?

3. What shift did you work?

4. Where in the community did you and the officer travel?

5. Tell me about your experience?

6. Would you recommend someone else to do this?



Ms. Steele

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Re: Ride A Long Program Posted: Mon 5/31/2021 at 4:27 AM, in reply to Crystal Steele

What is a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is the latest trend in the world of dabbing. With a straight tube design, using a nectar collector looks like using a straw to drink. So, what are nectar collectors used for? These help in smoking oils and waxes. 

A nectar collector has a neck, body, and a tip. The materials that are most commonly used to make nectar collectors are glass and silicone. For the tips, usually, titanium, quartz, or ceramic are used. 

The nectar collector also has a mouthpiece that is used to inhale the smoke. The mouthpiece is removable, which means, you can easily clean it without any hassle. This also makes the nectar collector great for carrying around with you. 

The main body of the nectar collector is right at the center of it. It also consists of a percolator, which is used to cool down and filter the smoke. Every nectar collector comes with a filtration system whose main job is to filter the smoke. 

Types of Nectar Collectors

By Material:

Silicone Nectar Collector

The first type is a silicone nectar collector. It is made of silicone components and has a glass chamber that is pretty strong. What makes a silicone nectar collector a great option? It can easily be stored in the freezer without causing any damage to the collector. This helps cool down the vapor so that it does not irritate your throat when you sit down to smoke it. 

Another benefit of a silicone collector is that it does not break easily, making it the most durable and long-lasting. You can travel easily with it without worrying about seeing the shattered pieces. 

This impressive nectar collector has six-armed tree perc in its chamber. You need to add water to this chamber to cool down your dabs. It also works as a filtration system. It also comes with angular edges that make sure the collector does not slip from the table. Also, it is extremely easy to clean this collector as every part is detachable. 

Glass Nectar Collector

Glass nectar collectors are highly common since glass does not affect the flavor of the vapor. What does this mean? It simply means that when you are smoking, you get pure vapor that does not interact with any molecules when it makes its way up. So, you can enjoy the original flavor of your vapor without any chemical flavors mixed with it. 

The neck of this collector is detachable, making it easy to clean and take care of. It is also quite easy to assemble this glass nectar collector. 

Wood Nectar Collector

This is a nectar collector with a titanium tip and wooden sleeve. It is one of the best ways to enjoy waxy concentrates. It is also quite easy to use it. Simply heat up the titanium tip and dip into your waxy oil concentrates to enjoy it.  

It is made using high-quality materials. It makes use of CP2 titanium for the tip and cherry hardwood for the body. It also contains neodymium magnets. Also, the thing that makes this nectar collector so special is the fact that you can pocket it after using without worrying about the tip being hot. Why? The wooden sleeve covers up the hot tip. This is your new go-to product.

Electric Nectar Collector

The Electric Nectar Collector has been the rage amongst people for some time now. This nectar straw is also known as a honey straw that makes vaping concentrates quite an easy and enjoyable task. It is quite a handy and portable product that can be carried around everywhere and can be used with ease. You can carry this on the go for your instant vaping sessions. 

By Water Filter:

Nectar Collector with Water Filter

Are you looking for the perfect nectar collector to become a part of your collection? This is the ultimate one that you should go for. The slim and cool nectar collector is made of silicone and comes with a center glass chamber. It also contains a silicone storage container. This nectar collector with a water filter can be used in dual ways.

You can use this nectar collector like you would use others, by dipping it in your concentrates and getting the full flavor out of it. However, if you use the sweeping neck attachment that comes with it, you can instantly transform it into a portable water pipe for your herbs and flowers. 

Nectar Collector without Water Filter


This is a highly convenient and easy-to-use nectar collector that is also very portable and durable. It has a body that is made of silicone, which means, that it will last you a long time without breaking. The titanium tip is also made extremely well. It is compact, making it easy to travel with. Also, the silicone cap that comes along with the collector ensures that you can use it whenever and wherever without worrying about the heated tip. I am sure you will love this handy gadget, especially when you are out and about. 


If you are into dabbing, a nectar collector is a great thing to include in your collection. It is compact and durable. Also, there are so many variants that you can choose from - whether you want one that is made of glass or an electronic one, each one of them will give you a feeling of bliss and joy. If you want to follow trends and want a gadget that makes dabbing an easy and enjoyable task, you must get a nectar collector for yourself.

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Re: Ride A Long Program Posted: Sat 8/7/2021 at 8:27 AM, in reply to Crystal Steele

1.The distinction in between customer drones and also commercial drones
As the call recommends, customer drones are equipments for intake and also home enjoyment. Customer drones' jobs take photos, whether airborne digital photography or ultra-low-altitude selfies, generally for home enjoyment objectives.

The need for commercial drones straight originates from particular sectors, and also the running setting is unique, which needs more exact placing of works, high ecological versatility, and also high integrity. It can surely attain commercial three-proof (fire, rainfall, dirt) and also typically operate in numerous intricate settings such as rainfall and also snow, high-cold locations, high-temperature fire areas, and also electro-magnetic disturbance. Commercial UAVs have greater needs concerning endurance, lots capability, security, and also integrity, and also commercial UAVs need to additionally have modification attributes. Various components need to be changed inning accordance with various areas of utilize.

The crucial modern technology of drones is trip manage. For commercial drones, making use of general-purpose trip manage is not a have to. Nonetheless, because of the various application areas of commercial UAVs, as an example, power line patrol could have greater needs for battery life and also photo transmission range. Logistics UAVs have greater needs for lots weight and also map evaluation abilities. Inning accordance with various demands and also enhance the equivalent factors of the trip manage, it can surely be incorporated with sector applications effectively.

Unlike consumer-grade items, JOUAV® takes on an incorporated procedure design of "development, R&D, manufacturing and also sales," from software program system advancement, components make and also production to total airplane setting up and also commissioning to last sales, all are run by the incorporated procedure from starting to finish.

The AP System collection of trip manage and also navigating systems individually built by JOUAV® consist of fixed-wing trip manage, helicopter trip manage, and also multi-rotor trip manage. It has actually the technological benefits of exceptionally high-precision mindset and also track manage, solid anti-disturbance capability, and also great security. It's commonly utilized in electrical power, authorities, land, environmental management, fire defense, and also various other areas and also has actually supplied confirmation systems for a lot of progressed aerospace cars in China.

2.Category of commercial drones
UAV kinds can surely be about separated into fixed-wing UAVs, unmanned helicopters, and also multi-rotor UAVs. Multi-rotor UAVs can surely be separated into 4 blades, 6 blades, and also 8 blades inning accordance with the variety of blades. Depending upon its liftoff and also touchdown settings and also endurance abilities, UAV applications are additionally various. Fixed-wing UAVs were primarily utilized for army UAVs in the onset, and also they played a vital duty after they were transformed to noncombatant utilize. They have lengthy endurance, high performance, and also quick unique impacts and also are practical for large-area procedures. Civil UAVs normally utilize multi-rotor UAVs, which are very easy to run, versatile, and also steady, and also are generally utilized for great procedures.

3.Application of commercial drones
Modern technology modifications lives. Flight Control.With the advancement of scientific research and also modern technology, higher-risk line of works will progressively be changed by tools. UAVs concentrate on addressing sector issues and also enhancing function performance. They can surely be put on agricultural grow defense, power line examination, protection examination, woodland fire avoidance, airborne evaluating and also mapping, authorities, and also fire defense.

JOUAV® was concentrating on establishing and also inc

orporating commercial upright liftoff and also landing(VTOL) fixed-wing, flapping-wing, helicopter, fixed-wing, multi-rotor trip manage, and also navigating system remedies. We offer conventional rack items and also fully grown remedies for unmanned airborne automobile designers, which substantially shortens the user's advancement cycle, minimizes advancement dangers and also system expenses.

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Re: Ride A Long Program Posted: Sun 8/8/2021 at 1:15 AM, in reply to Crystal Steele

1. The issue that's most likely to take place when utilizing a basic respirator is that the shutoff leakages, which stops the client from obtaining reliable air flow. Consequently, it's required to examine, examination, fixing and preserve consistently.

2. When pressing the taking a breath bag, the stress need to not be too expensive, concerning 1/3-1/2 of the taking a breath bag need to be pressed, and it need to not be also huge, tiny, quick, or sluggish, so as not to damages the lung cells and trigger taking a breath. Main condition influences the recuperation of breathing operate.

3. When it's discovered that the client has actually spontaneous taking a breath, it need to be helped inning accordance with the patient's taking a breath activity, so as not to impact the patient's spontaneous taking a breath.Wholesale Magnetic Socks.

4. Do an excellent task of emotional take care of aware individuals, describe the function and relevance of utilizing easy respirators, alleviate stress, and make it possible for them to proactively cooperate.Magnetic Socks.

5. After utilizing the respirator, get rid of the respirator from the "o" kind user interface, dismantle the mask, wash it with tidy sprinkle, and saturate it with 500mg/L chlorine-containing disinfectant for thirty minutes, wash with tidy sprinkle, completely dry, and put together Great back-up.

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Re: Ride A Long Program Posted: Sun 8/8/2021 at 7:49 AM, in reply to Crystal Steele

5 actions to keep the shot molding maker hydraulic system
1. Hydraulic oil amount
Absence of oil amount will certainly bring about several issues, such as the simple surge of oil temperature level, oil dissolution in air, and more, which will certainly influence oil top quality and hydraulic system operate.Plastic Drums. So what triggers the lack of oil. Generally, it's triggered by oil leak or loss throughout repair work. Offered this circumstance, we need to inspect the feasible leak locations at common times. Change used secures as very early as feasible, loosen up joints and tighten up them. Pay unique focus on restrict the quantity of Wholesale Barrels oil in the gas storage container after repair work.

2. Hydraulic oil temperature level
The suitable functioning temperature level of the hydraulic system is in between 45℃ and 50℃, which is identified inning accordance with the thickness of chosen stress oil. Nevertheless, the transform Plastic Drum 50 Liter of oil temperature level will certainly own the advancement of thickness, and the useful elements of the system will certainly likewise be damaged. Hence the regulate precision and action level of sensitivity will certainly lower at the very same time, specifically for accuracy shot makers. If the temperature level is expensive, it will certainly speed up the maturing of the secure and make it harden and damage. If the temperature level is also reduced, the refining power intake will certainly be considerable, and the operating rate will certainly be minimized. As a result, it's essential to take note of the temperature level of hydraulic oil at perpetuities.

3. Oil top quality of hydraulic oil
Oxidation security is among the chemical residential or commercial homes of hydraulic oil. One of the most essential aspect that establishes the life of hydraulic oil is oxidation; that's, oxidation will certainly generate 200 Liter Plastic Drum insoluble materials such as timber tar. These insoluble products will certainly create the contamination of the hydraulic system, and the issues such as put on of hydraulic elements, decrease of numerous voids, obstruction of little openings, and so on., and lastly, the hydraulic system will certainly fall short. The oxidation price of hydraulic oil is damaged by its very own elements, amongst which temperature level is the primary aspect, so it's essential to utilize appropriate hydraulic oil and inspect the oxidation level of hydraulic oil routinely, so it's essential to alter oil proactively.

4. Cleansing of oil filter
From time to time, the oil filter should be cleansed to always keep the oil suction pipeline unobstructed and check the oil filter display.

5. Colder cleansing
Tidy the colder yearly, or choose whether to tidy it inning accordance with particular problems, for instance, whether the functioning capability is minimized, the more exceptional is obstructed, and the pharmaceutical packaging sprinkle made use of for cooling down is soft (mineral-free)Proper upkeep of shot molding maker will certainly provide it more life.

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