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Feature Access Codes

 How-to: Forward All Phone Calls
From the phone you want to forward, dial *72
When prompted, enter the phone number were calls are to forwarded to; followed by the # key.

To Cancel Call Forwarding  
From the forwarded phone, dial *73

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Voice Mail

Voicemail set-up:

Press Messages (envelope button)
Enter default password: 525252
Enter new 6-digit password
Record Name (First and Last Name)

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Vonage bookmarks

This page provides you real-time status of the Vonage systems

Manage your phone account.

  • Profile:  Allows you to view and maintain your profile information
  • Password: Configure your passwords for the web portal and/or portal.
  • Configure incoming and out going calls
  • Messaging Manage Greetings, Create distribution lists, Voice Management
  • Utilities - Enterprise Directory, Basic Call Logs.

 For Mobile app;
Please go to the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and install “iCore Communicator”.